Saturday, December 5, 2015

Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 (2015) - Secret Affair


这次很幸运被邀请去了2015年的Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3 - Secret Affair。因为这还是本小姐第一次被邀请去fashion的活动,所以在这活动之前也在网上做了下功课!

什么是Clothes Buffet呢?
就是“Shopping without seeing the Price Tag" - 简单来说就是购物不用看价钱。可是有个小小的游戏规则哦!每位购物者都会进入一个具有超过30,000件的“衣服区”,每为购物者只需付RM150,这样的话就可以获得一个35.5cm x 23cm的ziplock bag,然后在15分钟内把衣服塞满在这个ziplock bag里面而且还可以把ziplock bag封起来的话,这样里面的衣服就可以轻轻松松把它们带回家咯!我想这对每位女生来说是不是超级兴奋的呢?

1. Throwback - 丢回去
2. Fun@Work - 趣味工作
3. Girls being Girls - 女孩就是女孩
4. Lazy Weekend - 懒洋洋的周末
5. Little Black Dress - 小小黑裙

这次本小姐去的就是" About Clothes Buffet Malaysia's "Secret Affair""。
日期:5th December 2015 (1pm - 6pm)
地点:Elementum, Kelana Jaya, Selangor

其实这个“Secret Affair”是给部落客还有媒体们在Clothes Buffet Malaysia Season 3的第一手经验的预览私人派对呢!其实就是给部落客们还有媒体们先来一场体验派对。
在座各位出席这个“Secret Affair”都有机会赢取Poh Kong所赞助价值RM2,000的戒指了!

每位部落客还有媒体们一register后就可以拿到一个goodie bag哦!
NEESYA - 卸妆水还有mask
POH KONG- Calendar 2016
Sothys - 礼券& cleanser试用装

现在我们有请Clothes Buffet Malaysia的event manager - Andrew来为我们说几句话呢!


谢谢Lab-Vamor & 这位漂亮的小姐帮我弄得美美呢!

扮完美美后,活动就要开始咯!每位部落客和媒体们都步行到二楼的服装区咯!而且每位部落客的手上都一个ziplock bag准备呢!

Throwback - 丢回去

Little Black Dress - 小小黑裙
Fun@Work - 趣味工作
Fun@Work - 趣味工作
Lazy Weekend - 懒洋洋的周末
Girls being Girls - 女孩就是女孩

本小姐是特别喜欢 lazy weekend的呢!

活动开始咯!大家都有15分钟的时间,去寻找自已喜欢的衣服,然后再塞进ziplock bag里面呢!
大家都用尽自已的办法尽量把自已的心水衣服塞进ziplock bag里面呢!
有些人一不小心就把ziplock bag弄破了,因为这个是preview,所以不用给钱呢!
如果到了真正的Clothes Buffet Malaysia的话,ziplock bag破了,就不可以把里面的衣服带走呢!

小小贴士:不要把指甲留长,因为指甲长会不小心割破ziplock bag呢!
装完后,就要个给举办单位检查ziplock bag没有破洞才算过关呢!
在ziplock bag里面的衣服,大家要算一个自已觉得最美的服装,然后换装拍照呢!
在这里也要谢谢 Moiz Photography帮大家留下美美的照片呢!
1. Co-Venue Sponsor 场地赞助: Elementum 
Elementum is a conceptualized multi-purpose event space for all occassions. Located in Parklane Commercial Hub Kelana Jaya, the space is well equipped with all the necessary amenities and has been well received since it's launching in October 2015. The venue also provides planning an catering services upon request. For booking or further information, the public can visit or email 
2. Lab Vmor
Lab-Vmor is a lifestyle brand that creates personalized fashion and beauty experiences delivered to the public's doorsteps. The company offers customizable designer wear and beauty services consisting of makeup, hair and manicure packages. Bookings can be made at upon which professional stylists will be dispatched to the booking location. Curently, Lab-Vamr is offering a 15% discount with the usage of the promo code: labvamor15 

3. Co-Sponsor 合作赞助商: Poh Kong
Poh Kong is the largest jewelry retail chain in Malaysia, reaching its 100th outlet mark in 2012. Poh Kong offering wide range of yellow, white and rose gold, diamonds and gems jewelry. In-house gold jewelry brands exclusively designed and made by Poh Kong include Tranz, Happy Love, Anggun and The Art of Auspicious. Poh Kong also houses the world-renowned Fine Jewelry such as /schoeffel pearl, Luca Carati diamond jewelry and Moraglione 1922 coloured stome jewelry from Italy.
4. Supporter: NEESYA
NEESYA Skincare is the affordable premium skincare brand effective for reviving dull skin, with its key functions to smoothen, brighten and evens skin tone. The skin radiance specialist that promise to help users achieve a new degree of skin clarity, skin tone and radiance, NEESYA Skincare uses its LumiScience Technology, a  trademarked formulation. This technology combines the in-depth understanding of skin physiology, skin radiance factors and the selection of the most advanced brightening, hydrating, anti-oxidative active ingredients. 
5. Supporter: Sothys
As the world's skincare solution specialist, SOTHYS aims o provide answers to every skin problem using methods that are effective yet pleasurable, and in harmony with nature. A family brand born based on the philosophy of cure and treatment, SOTHYS' success is guided by a commitment to quality and excellence, the importance of human values and French production. Through its collaboration with beauty institutes, SOTHYS has become the market leader and industry's innovator in producing synergistic beauty programmer, sophisticated treatment procedures, exclusive and professional methods of body care and high-performance homecare products.

6. Lily Sdn Bhd - Manufacture all kinds of umbrella,  car sunshade and sky dancer. 1) Walking Stick Umbrella with Adjustable Height Handle - This dual functional walking stick umbrella cater for individuals with mobility issues while shielding you well as an umbrella. 2) 27" Cooling Fan Umbrella - Protects you from the rain and getting wet, yet cools you down in the hot sun.

7. Moiz Photography - 为大家留下美美的照片

8. Carsa Kitchen - 为大家准备了一些小甜点,食物还有饮料呢!这样就可以为我们解饿和解渴呢!

大家应该都是超级想知道几时才是真正的Clothes Buffet Malaysia吧~那本小姐就不多废话咯!大家可以看看以下的资料哦!

1. Lot 10 - one of the world's most popular bustling retail streets.
2. Clozette - Asia's first fashion and beauty social network - a leading women-centric platform that delivers the hottest, up-to-the-minutes trends and inspiration in fashion, beauty, and style
3. Elementum - a conceptualized multi-purpose event space for all occasion.
4. Lab-Vamor - a lifestyle brand that creates personalized fashion and beauty experiences delivered to the public's doorstep.
5. Pink Passion - Pink represents the feminine, it symbolizes the soft and sensitive culture yet it is bold and strong. Passion is ethos, it creates a personal relationship.
6. Poh Kong - The largest jewelry retail chain in Malaysia.
7. NEESYA - is the affordable premium skin care brand.
8. Celebrity Fitness
9. Empro
10. Sunshade
11. KN Key Ng
12. Huntmer
13. Zalora - Asia's online fashion destination
14. Sothys - market leader and industry's innovator in producing synergistic beauty programmes, sophisticate treatment procedures, exclusive and professional methods of body care and high-performance homecare products.


Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

Definitely look like so much fun.. I want to join in too but then again worried about sizes as I am a plus size when it comes to Asian wear...

Uswatun Khasanah said...

your makeup is great :3 I love that :)

Sherry said...

wow so fun, can grab clothes that we like. I havent try this before as not sure if they have plus size for me.

Michael Yip said...

Good shopping spree ... just in time for CNY!

Shini Lola said...

Looks fun! Last time I grab 8 pieces as well. =)

Trislynn Chan said...

clothessss aaaaaaaaaa....
原来你就是bear! i can;t recognise u lerh!

GengQian said...

nice event. i think it's every girl's dream to have a clothes buffet all day long. haha

Low Sze Shin said...

Clothes buffet!
Looks interesting.
Shopping heaven!!!

5 little angels said...

Wow... so many clothes to choose from. You must had enjoyed your shopping very much.

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

cant wait to shop there! :D last year was amazing, hopefully this year will be better

Emily said...

Such a fun time to just stuff whatever you want and can manage into a bag. I hope to get to participate in the next one as well.

renaelyng said...

Love your makeover, looking really pretty! And so many clothes to choose from, was it hard for you to decide on what to get? haha.

yoke ching said...

Girl, you look sweet with the new look! Really can put 8 clothes into the ziplock bag? I dont think I can do it...

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

Looks like everyone is having fun in this event!

Cheryn said...

Hey!! Nice meeting you! I love your dress, too bad I could not fit into it!

Isaac Tan said...

i was at season 1 :D.. glad to see season 3 so awesome already.

Sharon Lee said...

化了妆的你整个很漂亮很精神耶!有机会要多多化妆,扮漂亮哦 =D

Xin A Day said...

你的妆容很漂亮~ 你也好厉害哦~ 可以在这么小的纸袋装了8间的衣服,真的很好奇你是怎样把这样多的衣服装下去的 ><

Sunshine Kelly said...

Yah! I have a good time there and got the clothes that I wanted. Nice to meet you.

Ivy Kam said...

Interesting event, haven’t been to this kind of clothes buffet before, looking forward the next one :)

Misz Aein said...

Wow. What an event. The term of clothes buffet is somehow new to me but it looks awesome!

Selina Ooi said...

I want try to put 10 clothes in this bag when I will go there. hehe