Tuesday, April 19, 2016

美容篇:Brand New XYLIQUE - Moor Mud Deep Cleansing Bar & Moor Mud Revival Mask





Moor  Mud Deep Cleansing Bar
1. 首先利用清水制造泡沫。
2. 在脸部及颈部进行轻轻的按摩。
3. 最后,用清水冲洗掉。
Moor Mud Deep Cleansing Bar 黑泥深层洁净块的功效如下:-
1. 瞬间亮白
2. 淡化斑点及肤色不均匀
3. 纯净,充满活力及年轻的肌肤
4. 皮肤平滑
5. 去除杂质及皮肤粗糙
6. 减少孔径
7. 舒缓护肤
8. 深入洁净
9. 感觉神气清爽
10. 效果瞬间


Moor Mud Revival Mask
1. 挤下大约一茶匙的面膜糊加于1-2滴的水份变成面膜。
2. 直接涂搽在面部和颈部
3. 涂搽均匀后,第一次的话就等待3分钟,接下来就是10分钟了!
4. 最后就用清水清洗干净就好了!
Moor Mud Revival Mask 黑泥修复面膜的功效:-
1. 100%的黑泥成份
2. 瞬间亮白
3. 淡化斑点及肤色不均匀
4. 纯净,充满活力及年轻的肌肤
5. 皮肤平滑
6. 去除杂质及皮肤粗糙
7. 减少孔径
8. 舒缓护肤
9. 深入洁净
10. 感觉神气清爽
11. 效果瞬间
12. 深层滋润和滋养肌肤,增加柔软和健康,青春焕发。

店名:XYLIQUE | Revolutionary skincare line
地址: Estore Malaysia PLT
Block C3 Level U6
Unit 15 Solaris Dutamas
No.1 Jalan Dutamas 1
50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
电话: +603 6205-5726 (General Line)


qaseh su said...

And you look refresh

Fatin Bella said...

it really suits your skin very well :D

Mumsand Babies said...

I agree mud packs are really good on skin to make it tight and refreshing.

Shini Lola said...

Never heard about this brand before. Seem not bad to use. =)

Betty Liew siaw fan said...

After cleansing, does you feel tighten effect? I have not try the soap bar yet.

Tammy Ong said...

Gonna try one of this! Thanks for sharing =)

Mike Yip said...

Nice and simple. Cant read further cause all in mandarin and I'm banana. LOL.

Miriam Goh said...

Have not heard of this brand but I know Mud Masks are really good to clean our pores. Should check this brand out

Jane Chua said...

You looks fresh and clean after using the mask. Would like to try it also.

Sharon Lee said...

我也是很喜欢黑你面膜!可以让我们的肌肤瞬间平滑还有减少孔径 =D

kakalina wak said...

Your bathroom looks like hotel bathroom. :)
The result is instant ...wish to try it too. :)

GengQian said...

the product does look very nice on you. glad that they are natural. i'm a fan of natural product! thanks for recommending this.

Shin May said...

haven't heard this brand before and i know the mud mask sure can clean all the dirt on our face ~ nice intro anyway ..

Shubhada Bhide said...

Your face looks refreshed. Never heard about this brand before but would surely love to try.

Leona Lim said...

i love using this kind of mask pack also to clear out the pores coz it feels so clean after

Happy walker said...

It looks like a good product after you tried it.

Sunshine Kelly said...

Its my first time get to know this brand. Will check our their soap.

Miera Nadhirah Tan said...

Looks like a great product . Your skin look so refreshed and clean after this

Ika Sani said...

Nice face mask! your skin look fresh after use this product!

theChency said...

Never heard of the brand before but the mask looks tempting to me. :D