Tuesday, October 20, 2015

30 Days to Happy Kidney Campaign


另外,肾脏有强大的代偿功能,这既给需肾移植的患者提供第二次生命的机会,也会掩盖我们的肾损害进程。有人会问,正常人贡献了一个肾脏,会不会影响自己健康?正常健康的人贡献一个肾脏后,虽然增加了另外一个肾脏的负担,但是只要留下的肾脏是健康的,它仍能担当起所有的肾脏功能。当然,肾脏强大的代偿功能,也会给我们带来诸多麻烦,如果早期有一侧肾脏已经出现损害,但初期症状不明显,不易被人察觉。而一旦失去早期防治机会,慢性肾脏病就会进行性地发展,最终因尿毒症而走向透析或换肾阶段。(copy from http://www.ynbaiwan.com/article_1200.html)

Sunway Medical Centre in collaboration with the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) has recently launched an activity called 30 Days To Happy Kidneys Challenge. This challenge serves 2 objectives. 

The first objective is to create stronger awareness about the disease to the public, and steps which everyone can take to keep their kidneys healthy. The 30 Days To Happy Kidney Challenge is a contest whereby donors who have purchased the 30 Day Challenge pledge card are encouraged to participate in a daily Insta-photo competition, They are required to complete 30 types of activities in 30 days, and post a picture daily on their Instagram account with the hashtag #30DaysToHappyKidneys. There will be a weekly mystery prize winner, as well as a grand prize winner who'll stand a chance to win RM5000 worth of prizes. The grand prize winner will be announced on the 15th of November 2015.

The second objective of this activity is to help NKF raise funds for kidney failure patients who rely on dialysis as life support. The reason to why NKF is in need of funds is because every year they incur an outlay of more than RM30mil to run the operations of their foundation, with approximately RM14.5mil is expended directly to subsidize the dialysis fees of about 1500 patients who cannot afford the yearly dialysis expense of RM24,000 per patient.

The cards are available for donors at Sunway Medical Centre and during the World Diabetes Day roadshows by SunMed at the following locations:
  • Sunway Carnival Penang (Oct 17)
  • Menara Sunway Bandar Sunway (Oct 27 to 29)
  • Blue Concourse Sunway Pyramid (13 to 15 Nov)
For every Ringgit donated, Sunway Medical Centre will match the amount.

Alternatively, you may also donate online at http://www.peoplegiving.org/campaign-page?campId=174