Friday, June 24, 2016

Milkcow出了新的五彩缤纷的系列 - Milky Cool 还有高级金箔冰淇淋 - Milky Gold Series



现在Milkcow出了Milky Cool 的系列呢!
Milky Cool是手制奶茶加布丁,而且还有五种选择让大家选呢!

Honey Milk + Yam Pudding - RM 8.90

Thai Milktea + Green Tea Pudding - RM 7.90

Thai Green Tea + Mango Pudding - RM 7.90

Strawberry Milk + Bubble Gum Pudding - RM 8.90

Chocolate Milk + Honey Milk Pudding - RM 8.90

只看照片都可以感觉到这五彩缤纷的Milky Cool系列的美味呢!不要看到太五彩缤纷就担心很重颜色素,这都是天然的色素呢!


Milky Gold - RM 19.90
available from 21st May to 12th July 2016
想要享用高级的冰淇淋吗?那就要试试Milkcow的Milky Gold系列了!


Milky Cube - RM 13.50
Milky Cube是Milkcow的招牌哦!

Macao Dream - RM 13.50
这个也是Milkcow的Best Seller之一呢!
柔滑的冰淇淋,加上脆口的坚果,还配上一个Salted Caramel的马卡龙呢!

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Pamela Yeoh said...

i love their ice cream. Nice one

Joanne Wee's Journey said...

I want to try Milk Gold, looks delicious
sometimes I will stop by with a friend as well

Miriam said...

Definitely very interesting concept of using gold leaf! Sweet drinks too

Amanda said...

Their ice-cream is nice, but pretty pricey. =/

Admin said...

hahaha very sweet vibrant inviting colours. it makes one want to try one.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goat, your making me drool! especially the Strawberry Milk + Bubble Gum Pudding. Well now i do know what to order next :D

Shet Ling said...

looks so yummy the ice-cream

Joyce Rachel Lee-Bates said...

Okay, now I want to satisfy my cravings for soft-served ice-creams and those colorful drinks!

Absolute Yana said...

I have yet to try this..

GengQian said...

the drinks are so colourful. i love yam as well. but would love to try out the gold one, seems edible.

Emily said...

I've not tried Milk Gold yet. After reading your post, I am reminded of it and want to go tomorrow. I just hope I can find the time!

Sharon Lee said...

I miss Milkcow so much! Nowadays so many new desserts in time but no time to go to try all of these!

Isaac Tan said...

always a fan of milkcow. love the taste.. sweet milky goodness :P

Betty's Journey said...

I have not try Milk Cow before but i heard a good response regarding their soft serve. A bit pricey for the soft serve

berlin said...

Would love to try the bubblegum pudding. Looks and sounds interesting.

Sunshine Kelly said...

I like their Milky Cube is so smooth & good.

Shirleyfishy said...

Wa wa wa.... you eat and drink so much a? Ice cream and ice blended 😍😍😍🙋

Ivy Kam said...

My personal favorite would be the Thai Milktea with Green Tea Pudding, can't wait to get another soon :)

Unknown said...

Oh yeah! Would love to try the gold series! My favourite is the Thai Milktea. =D

Arisa Chow said...

love their original one with honey!b Their pudding looks so pretty too

Travellover23 said...

I would like to try the gold series ice cream soon ^^

Wilson Ng said...

cool that they have series but it is still too expensive for malaysian market.