Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Single Malt of the Year - Glen Grant的全系列 Whisky Tasting

28/9/2016, Glen Grant的Master Distiller丹尼斯马尔科姆(OBE)在马来西亚的独家发布会上推出了Glen Grant 18岁和Glen Grant 12岁的Single Malt威士忌。

所以本小姐可以在这次的独家发布会上尝试Glen Grant的Single Malt威士忌呢!

在马来西亚的独家发布会将欢迎格兰特获奖的Master Distiller,Dennis Malcolm,谁已经在酿酒厂50多年了。

最新的高端产品将成为Glen Grant最好的产品,并将加入现有的产品系列,现在全面包括The Major's Reserve,10岁,12岁,18岁以及精选的限量瓶; 每个都基于超过175年的激情和工艺。 新的12岁和18岁的表情各自为当前的Glen Grant系列添加了自己独特的风味和香气,打开了全新的威士忌饮酒体验的大门。

Photo by Andy Kho

Glen Grant的全系列:

The Major’s Reserve - 灵感来自James的“The Major”Grant,创始人的孙子,是Glen Grant范围中最轻的。 这是一个容易进口的single malt Scotch威士忌。

Photo By Andy Kho

The 10 Year Old – 色泽亮金色,在过去4年里,The 10 Year Old已经赢得了Jim Murray的威士忌“Best Single Malt Scotch: 10 Years and Under”.除此之外,在2015年,The 10 Year Old还赢得overall Single Malt of the Year (Multiple Casks).

Photo By Andy Kho
Sesame prawn toast芝麻大虾烤面包
smoked salmon blinis熏三文鱼blinis
Crab spring rolls螃蟹春卷

The 12 Year Old – Glen Grant 12 Year Old 是一个卓越single malt Scotch whisky。 金色的色彩,杏仁和柑橘的芳香。这种特殊的威士忌可以使苹果馅饼皮和焦糖的精致细腻口感令人愉快,并伴有余韵的水果和微妙的香料。 The 12 Year Old最近获得了IWSC GOLD 2016.


Photo By Andy Kho
Chicken herb sausage rolls鸡草本香肠卷
Dragon roll龙卷

The 18 Year Old – 收藏中最稀有的是18岁的Glen Grant。 这种无与伦比的单一麦芽苏格兰威士忌成熟至少18年,在最高质量,精心挑选的橡木铸造,创造一个辐射的金色和诱人的花香和橡木的香气。


Photo By Andy Kho

Photo By Andy Kho


Ivianat said...

I like whisky. Will try this when I have a chance.

Sherry Go Sharing said...

hehe I dont know you drink. here read only know, this drink I no try yet.

Unknown said...

Food looks so yummy! Hopefully tastes nice too when paired with the alcohol.

Betty's Journey said...

How is the taste of the whisky? It seem smooth taste when you take a sip on it right.

Anonymous said...

Wow a must try for my weekend relaxing, whisky is my fav.

Jacqueline Khoo said...

Such a long time I didn't drink whisky already, seriously miss it so much! How the taste btw?

Carina said...

You look like underage! haha you sure you can drink? Haha Cute sharing!

5 Little Angels said...

My husband loves to drink Wisky. Shall ask them to give it a try at the place.

yee zin said...

this place is somewhere my hubby will love.. will note this place for our coming anniversary

Mable Maeve Seah said...

Not my consideration at all cause I don't drink, anyway thanks for sharing yo!

Mistan Izzy said...

Used to drink whisky few years back but then I stop, I should probably try out having neat whisky next time! :D

Fadzi Razak said...

I bet you really had a good time there

Candace Ng said...

I'm not into drinking but if I have to, whisky would be a choice. The food seems very yummy too!

Miera Nadhirah said...

I am a Muslim, but I do drink in the past but I do not quite drink that much.... LOL...

Emily said...

I do not drink at all. Although I may not understand it, you did have a good time and that's the most important.

Unknown said...

Haven't got the chance to try this whiskey yet, gonna put this in mind!

Sharon Lee said...

What an enjoyable whisky tasting experience you had! Food and whisky is well prepared too =D

Unknown said...

I love to drink Whisky! Those foods look yummy too.

Unknown said...

我不会喝酒,可是你照片里的小吃很吸引我欸 (●'◡'●)

Isaac Tan said...

sweet. i couldn't make it for this event, but nice to know there's another major player in the market

Cheryn said...

My dad will like this.. Not a whisky drinker myself though. But the food looks yummy!!!

cre8tone said...

So nice to hv wine tasting! Great leh!.. Enjoynya!